Null Pattern for Ruby Strings

No surprises - Expect what you should expect

Andy Huynh

1 minute read

Super simple: you check the presence of an object to do work on it. We see this in code all the time.

Common presence check pattern

if params[:coupon_code].present?
  params[:coupon_code]           # Let's say this would return nil

This dance isn’t special and we can avoid it with a Ruby trick by typecasting the string.


> nil.to_s
=> ""
> "".upcase
=> ""

Since typecasting nil to a string will always return a blank string, we can call string methods safely. We can sum up the first example as:

Short and sweet by coercion


Whether there’s content in the string to upcase or a blank string, you’ll get a result and won’t have to worry getting a NoMethodError on nil. Much cleaner and succinct, don’t you think?

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