Hi, I’m Andy. You’re smart, so you already know that.

Fast forward three years (2013), I write software for Kajabi full time as a full stack developer. My road isn’t as glamorous as most.. I had a rough time learning web technologies coming from a music and political science background (UCI 2012).

Orange County isn’t the ceste pool for software development like San Fransisco. I had to hustle. I wanted to write software for a living.

Coding at coffee shops, attending Ruby meetups, offering my limited services to companies for free. This goes on for a year and some change until Kajabi sits me in a corner to build landing pages for their in-house app: Megaphone.

Today, I bring product features to life leveraging Rails, Javascript and integrating multiple third parties into our flagship app: Kajabi. I blog about my thoughts, experiences and insights I learn along the way. Hopefully Rails developers, coming up in the ranks, will find my posts useful. It’s stuff I wish I knew two months ago, prior to posting.

You can find me on the internet by my handle: andy4thehuynh

My mentors are dope. Check them out:

Brendon Murphy Jeremy Saenz Scotty Nelson Ben Hays