Another Deploy Workflow To Github Pages

Github Pages Hosting using Git Branches

Andy Huynh

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Utilizing Git’s ideas of branches and Jekyll or Hugo blogging services, we can create simple deployment workflows with Github’s free hosting. Shout out to Codegangsta for inspiring this post. My blog is powered by Hugo, below is my setup deploying a fresh Hugo repo to Github Pages.

We’ll assume Hugo is installed correctly and you generated a local hugo repo. Setup an empty Github repo following the convention: <your_handle>

Hugo to Github Pages

>              cd ~/Code/hugo_repo 
>              git init
>git:(master)  echo 'public' >> .gitignore         # Git will ignore your public folder.
>git:(master)  git checkout -b source              # Github hosting don't care about our source code (aka source branch). It only cares about public facing content.
>git:(source)  git add -A  
>git:(source)  git commit -m "Github Pages will only look at my master branch anyways"
>git:(source)  git remote add origin<your_handle>/<your_handle>
>git:(source)  git push origin source 
>git:(source)  hugo                                # Generate your public folder.
              0 draft content
              0 future content
              1 pages created
              0 paginator pages created
              0 tags created
              0 categories created
              in 5 ms
>git:(source)  cd public/                          # Notice git isn't initialized here.
>              git init
>git:(master)  git add -A
>git:(master)  git commit -m "Github will render stuff in your public folder"
>git:(master)  git push origin master

Point your browser to your Github repo (<your_handle> and toggle between source and master. All compiled content should live in master. Github pages will look at master and render it at <your_handle> Your workflow consists of composing drafts source, compile with your > hugo command. When your happy with your compiled changes, push public and prosper.

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