Blueprint to Becoming a Better Rails Developer

The Intermediate RoR Developer Guide

Andy Huynh

2 minute read

Junior devs on the Rails Prime stack, listen up.

I will assume you are starting to absorb less value in products like CodeSchool, TreeHouse and Codecademy. Struggling through personal projects and solving real world problems is the next logical step to self reliance as a developer. It is far from a small step considering juniors typically possess two years of professional experience, or less. Googling the proper questions to our problems could still be unnatural in any junior’s career. I am experiencing the pains first hand. The struggle is real, but there is hope.

I stumbled upon an episode of Ruby Rogues featuring a generous developer, Joseph Mastey. He’s doing big things at Enova which includes curating Level Up Rails to bootstrap developers towards commiting production code and start contributing more to their team. This is going to be you too.


Dealing with customer data and designing with scale in mind are what made me accent two courses from Engineering Baseline I. I have yet to complete the course due to its density, but am impressed with the gaps being filled in my coding game. The courses are hands off and lets you make mistakes as you go. Reach out to Mastey if you care to join slack discussions on Level Up Rails.

Level Up Rails covers command line essentials, Ruby necessities and engineering practices you can immediately incorporate into your workflow. I’ll leave you with my favorite Sun Tzu quote:

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

No one is talking about it, but LUR is a tactful strategy and promising tactic. Empower yourself!

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