Clean Your Schema

Dirty Rails Schema Fixes

Andy Huynh

1 minute read

You might get asked to switch tasks while working on a feature. Outstanding migrations are still in your schema and other conflicting migrations might put your schema in an inaccurate state. Here are some quick fixes:

Rollback your schema

In your branch with an outstanding migration, find the timestamp and run bundle exec rails db:migrate:down VERSION=<timestamp>. Checkout db/schema.rb and switch branches to continue working.

Start with a fresh schema

Akin to week old, stale curry in tupperware, sometimes it’s best to ditch the whole thing and start fresh. We can drop our database, create a new instance then delete our current schema. Running rake db:migrate will create a new schema that reflects migration files in db/migrate. Run your seed and it’s like brand new. This is especially useful if you don’t care about the data you accrued in your dev database.

 >git:(master) bundle exec rake db:drop
 >git:(master) bundle exec rake db:create
 >git:(master) git rm delete db/schema.rb
 >git:(master) bundle exec rake db:migrate
 >git:(master) bundle exec rake db:seed
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